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You can also reach us by calling our 24/7 hotline.

+1 888 409 5811

Data Breach Coaches

In the event of a cybersecurity failure, most organizations require a data breach coach. This requirement does not apply to organizations with internal IT and legal experts who have experience with handling data breaches.

What is a Data Breach Coach?

Attorneys who specialize in data privacy and cybersecurity are data breach coaches, and have relationships with third-party forensics investigators and crisis management professionals to respond when faced with a cyber incident.

The data breach coaches are well acquainted with these vendors, so they can engage them immediately to ensure a speedy response on their clients’ behalf.

The regulatory landscape is extremely complex for all U.S. States, as well as in other countries. Some states have strict regulations on notifying customers regarding a breach in less than 48 hours. Therefore, it is important to take assistance from breach coaches and law firms before unknowingly breaching any regulations.

Why are Breach Coaches Important?

According to Forbes, 4.1 billion records were exposed in the first six months of 2019. Although breaches, coaches cannot reverse these data breaches, they help to contain their effect by connecting the victims with right vendors like BreachQuest who perform digital forensic analysis to determine the root cause of data breach.
These third-parties can help in deploying an incident response plan for recovering from a breach or ransomware attack. Moreover, victims also get access to a range of other managed security services provided by these cybersecurity firms.

However, all of this is only possible if organizations are in touch with the right law firms and breach coaches who could guide them with the best options in such situations.

Other Industries

Role of Breach Coaches

There have been tens of thousands of large-scale data breaches that have happened throughout history. Many of these breaches were contained by involving the right law firms and breach coaches to handle regulatory as well as technical aspects of the breach. Nevertheless, many companies also faced heavy regulatory fines because they were simply unaware of all regulations:


Records Exposed

There were 885 million records exposed online of First American Financial Corp. in 2019. Information like bank transactions, social security numbers, and more were exposed.


Breaches from Web Application

According to Verizon, among all breaches, 43% have come from web applications in the past year, more than doubling since then.

315 Days

Average Breach Containment

In 2020, the average lifecycle of a malicious or cyberattack containment was around 315 days per IBMs report.


Compromised months of vehicle registration records resulting from DMV’s 2021 data breach.

Drivers in California were informed of a data breach in 2021, after DMV’s billing vendor, Automatic Funds Transfer Services, was attacked with ransomware.


Total data breaches in the U.S. during 2020.

Within the past decade, the number of data breaches in the U.S. has significantly increased from 662 in 2010 to over a thousand by 2020.

$7.13 M

Average cost of a single data breach in the healthcare industry.

According to IBM, the healthcare industry has the highest cost for a data breach, averaging at $7.13 million.

Priori Platform

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R&R Services with Law Firms & Breach Coach Partners

As a security solution provider and incident responder firm, our remediation and recovery group holds strong grounds in the regulatory realm of cybersecurity by continually collaborating with various well-reputed law firms as well as breach coaches to investigate and respond to data breaches of any scale.

Here are what duties we undertake after a data breach while collaborating with highly-trusted breach coaches and firms:

Recovery and Remediation

After a cyber incident, organizations need to quickly recover from the attack by rapidly responding to the threat. They require an incident response team to recover and remediate the threat with minimal interruption.

Our R&R (Recovery and Remediation) group is constantly in touch with various breach coaches and law firms to cover the regulatory side of your business, while our experts perform recovery and remediation exercises. We also deal with claim handlers on your organization’s behalf to minimize the interruption.

Recovery and Remediation

Digital Forensic and Incident Response Plan

It is important for companies to understand the root cause of a data breach or ransomware attack. Cybersecurity firms perform their investigation and analysis using digital forensics. They use a variety of different tools to collect data on residing threats and vulnerabilities.

By deploying proprietary technology, as well as best-in-class consultants, BreachQuest’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response teams proactively help clients and law firms investigate the root cause of incidents. Our forensic specialized tools are capable of quickly analyzing a breach to construct a recovery plan without any major delays.

Digital Forensic and Incident Response Plan

Ransomware Response Services

Companies require taking care of all the regulations while dealing with a ransomware attack. Some cases require the involvement of law firms to take right legal advice for responding in such scenarios. In case of ransomware settlement, companies also require assistance from firms like BreachQuest to carry out the negotiations with the help of legal advisors.

Along with our technical security team, we also deploy our R&R group to remediate and recover from a ransomware attack. These teams collaboratively analyze the situation to perform in-depth analysis of the system, as well as they keep in touch with breach coaches and claim handles to cover any situation.

Ransomware Response Services

Why BreachQuest?

A breach coach plays an integral role in containing a data breach by connecting the victim company with the right security providers and incident responders. In our case, we are in constant touch with reputable breach coaches who often approach us for helping their clients. Similarly, we also take assistance from law firms to cover regulatory aspects of affected companies.

With collaboration of our advisors, partners and security teams, we provide Ransomware Response services through our Priori Platform, so our expert teams can collaborate to develop a threat mitigation strategy and remediation plan. As part of our Proactive Services, we use specialized tools to prevent data breaches by analyzing indicators and deploying our security teams to mitigate potential threats.

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